A multidimensional journey

A multidimensional journey


April 27th, 2019


We welcome to Parvati for a solo performance GongMaster Dolph, one of the world's most renown gong players, born in Netherlands.

He devoted the last two decades to the magical sounds of Chinese gongs, Tibetan bowls and shamanic drums. His abundant experience and creative abilities have led him to develop a unique style of gong playing, therefore entitled as "Gong master".

Besides having done more than 1.000 solo performances all over the world, he has also performed as a musician in the duet Maya Masaya, and guest player with the Nada Naga group.

Besides, he is a Certified Sound Massage Therapist, with the Peter Hess Method.

The peculiarity of the gong’s sound is that its vibrations resonate in every cell of our body, stimulating it to recover a state of harmony with the rest of the body and with the primary vibration from which everything originates. No to case the timbre is very similar to the OM, primary sound of Prakriti, the matter which does not manifest. The gong generates a new energetic state, eliminates the blocks and accelerates the healing processes of the body. During the gong bath the body reaches a state of deep relaxation that relieves tensions where breathing becomes deep and conscious. Finished listening to your sound, you feel light and full of energy.

The therapeutic effects of the Gong are not associated only with the physical plane: it also brings great benefits for the mind and spirit. It is effective for the treatment of problems related to stress, depression, mental fatigue, anger management, feelings of loneliness and separation. It is an ally to overcome fears and phobias. The therapy with the gong is, then, a way to take care of our body, mind and soul.

❇ Aportation: 15€

❇ Day: April 27th, 2019

❇ Time: 6:30PM

❇ Place: Parvati Yoga Málaga (Calle Casas De Campos, núm 31, 2º. Zona Soho Málaga)

❇ Contact for reservation: parvatiyogamalaga@gmail.com