AcroYoga+Handstands / Monkey Movement Workshops

AcroYoga+Handstands / Monkey Movement Workshops


December 18th, 2018

Parvati Yoga Málaga is happy to welcome OREN MAGEN on the 8th of December for two very promising workshops:


☞ 1st part - "ACROYOGA, the art of balance, patience and trust"
We will introduce exciting AcroYoga flows, washing machines and interesting transitions and positions, mostly invented in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Both Beginners and advanced students will find their challenge adapted to their level. Focusing on calibration, agility and balance, we go through the process of learning with our senses and creating a connection with a partner as well with our own body and self.

☞ 2nd part - "HANDSTANDS - the never-ending learning process"
The second part of this workshop will be dedicated to Handstands. We will learn the basics behind handstands: alignment, core elements and stamina, the correct way to hold a straight line and specific tips for improvement. In addition we'll provide strengthening exercises to practice at home, different ways to roll into handstand and endurance drills.

☞ For advanced level - we'll work on one hand transitions and other high level skills.

WORKSHOP #2: 16:00 - 18:00 - MONKEY MOVEMENT

Monkey Movement workshop is a unique approach combining number of movement concepts, inspired by the work of Ido Portal and Fighting Monkey movements. It is designed for Dancers, Acrobats, Fitness advocats, Yogis, Athelets, runners, and any other sports or movement enthusiasts.

We'll provide the participants the tools to develop their movement practice and to expand their technical, expressive, powerful and creative range of movement possibilities.
The Workshop's intention is to explore and express the human hidden animal instincts in various fields:
☞ Locomotion
Progression in space while negotiating the ground - floor work, gliding, rolling, pushing, crawling, jumping and organizing yourself in communication with the ground. Influenced by the animal world and other movement methods.
☞ Partner conditioning
Improve our core and focus abilities in space through balance games, body awareness protocols, strength exercises, and flexibility elongation. With partner and with orientation in space.
☞ Rhythm
Research patterns in movement, rhythm management and calibaration in escaping a hit, defending while keeping touch, speed investigation and cross body mobility.
☞ Balancing & Coordination
We will develope new brain connections by researching complexity in movement with objects, increase capacity for power management with a range of coordination drills.
☞ Spine agility
Explore spinal waves, spirals and circular patterns to develop a resilient, adaptable spine, in order to create a fluid body for injury prevention and correct postures.


* Date: Saturday 8th of December 2018
* Time:
- Workshop #1: ACROYOGA + HANDSTANDS : 11:30-13:30
- Workshop #2: MONKEY MOVEMENT : 16:00-18:00

* Studio: Parvati Yoga Málaga (Calle Casas de Campos 31, 2nd)



An Acrobat and movement teacher. For the past decade has been exploring the world of movement, balance and strength in an animal spirit with attention, playfulness and dedication.

Having the background of acrobatics, Acroyoga and handstands teaching, aerobic sports and fitness, has been teaching in various acrobatic conventions (French, Dutch, Israeli) as well as workshops around the world. Has been a student of Ido Portal and inspired by the work of fighting monkey. Focuses in his workshops on balance, calibration, animal flow, core work, partner balance and playfulness in research.


* Both Workshops are suitable for all levels
* Both workshops are in English
* No need to come with a partner
* Contact us to the above mentioned email to book your spot!


To book a spot - Please send an email to

- 1 Workshop: 30€
- 2 Workshops: 55€